Eastern Canada O-Fest 2017!

Ottawa O-Fest is rebranding itself as the Eastern Canada O-Fest for 2017.  Why? Orienteering Ottawa is partnering with the Montreal Ramblers to bring you 10 days of orienteering in the Canadian Shield of Eastern Canada (not to get confused with Maritime Canada even further east, where we all loved orienteering at the COCs in 2015!).

The 2017 Eastern Canada O-Fest will include the Eastern Canadian Orienteering Championships (ECOCs) organized by the Montreal Ramblers and the Canadian Orienteering Championships (COCs), organized by Orienteering Ottawa.   


July 28 - August 7, 2017!

The 2017 Eastern Canada O-Fest will be held between July 28 and August 7, 2017.   The ECOCs will take place on the first weekend, the COCs on the second weekend.  In between there will be the annual Sass Peepre Junior Training Camp; a re-run of the very first Canadian Orienteering Championships on the original map in Gatineau Park; and a number of other exciting orienteering activities to fill your week.


Montreal and Ottawa!

We will be holding orienteering events in Ontario and Quebec - more specifically, the Montreal area, Gatineau Park, Westport, and an as-yet-to-be-announced Eastern Ontario location for the COC sprint.  We hope to have an Event Centre for the COC weekend where we can eat, camp, mingle and socialize.  More on that soon!

Don't forget that in addition to 2017 being the 50th anniversary of Orienteering Canada and the Canadian Orienteering Championships, it is also the 150th birthday of Canada.  How fortuitous that the COCs are in Canada's Capital!  Lots to see and do before, between and after the orienteering events.  Be sure to book time for Canada 150 celebrations!


Why not?

 Orienteering, friends, orienteering, celebrations, orienteering, holiday time, orienteering, good food, good times.  That's why!  See you in Eastern Canada in the summer of 2017!




Latest News

Orienteering Ottawa and the Montreal Ramblers present the Eastern Canada O-Fest 2017 !


Orienteering Ottawa and the Ramblers of Montreal are pleased to announce  they will together hold the Eastern Canada O-Fest in 2017. Listen for more details on the Eastern Canadian Championships to be held in Montreal and the Canadian Championships to be held in eastern Ontario.