2020 Ottawa O-Fest

The date for the 2020 Ottawa O-Fest will be September 26/27.

We are still negotiating with landowners about the exact location for this year's O-Fest, so stay tuned!  We hope to have it resolved by the end of April.  

Plans for O-Fest are a Middle event on Saturday and a Long Event on Sunday with a chase start.  Registration will be online through Zone 4.  We look forward to filling you in with more details as we solidify plans.

Don't forget that Orienteering Ottawa has lots of other events throughout the year as well. Check out our schedule here.



Why not?

We love the crazy sport of orienteering and want to share that love with you. What better way to do that than with a weekend of competition, food, and friends in one of the nicest times of the year in Ottawa?

That's why our volunteers put thousands of hours into hosting events throughout the year and the O-Fest weekend is no exception. It might be a larger event but we still do it because we love it.