Day 1: Middle Distance Prologue

Saturday Sept 26th

Day 2: Long Distance Chasing Start

Sunday Sept 27th


Orienteering Ottawa's annual fall orienteering festival, Ottawa O-Fest is at once a fun run, a Canada Cup Series event, a party in the woods, a time with nature...

Last year O-Fest was also the North American Orienteering Championships. This year we will be returning to the two-day chasing start format. Saturday will feature a middle distance race followed by a long distance chasing start on Sunday where you have to catch the people who were ahead of you on Saturday.

But wait, what is orienteering?

Watch this video to get a better idea. You can also find a great description at


O-Fest 2015 will take place the weekend of September 26th - 27th, 2015.

Orienteering Ottawa has lots of other events throughout the year as well. Check out our schedule here.


O-Fest 2015 will be once again held on the highly technical and enjoyable Carp Ridge as NAOC2014 showed how much you all enjoy that area. We will be using much of the same area as last year but the experience will be completely new because we will be starting from a different 'arena' at the North end of the ridge.