Race Details

Categories and Courses

There are three types of course / category you can sign up for:

Male / Female age classes
Race against your peers on the assigned course over three days of competition. The top 3 overall in each class will be recognized with prizes at the end of the weekend.  
Open classes
Choose the course you want to run - results will be kept and published but no prizes will be awarded.
Group classes
If you want to be out on course together with one or more friends or family members, this is for you.  

Note: If this might be your first Canada Cup meet you may want to read this description of how it differs from your casual non-competitive event.  It will also give you greater detail about your class options.

Course / Class Table

Age classes are assigned to courses based on the following table. Note that if you wish, you may register in classes "above your age class" up to M21 or F21  are under 21 years old, and "below your age class", down to M21 or F21 if you are over 35 years old.  Note also, that new this year, Orienteering Canada has introduced 16-S and 20-S classes for both Male and Female.  "S", for "short" is to allow people to participate in a technically challenging but shorter course than the competitive 20- and 21 courses.

Middle and Chase Long
Course Male Classes Female Classes Open Classes Group Classes
1 M10- F10- Open 1 Group 1
2 M12- F12- Open 2 Group 2
3 M14-, M16-S F14-, F16-S Open 3 Group 3
4 M16- F16- Open 4 Group 4
5 M75+, M80+, M85+, M90+

F75+, F80+, F85+, F90+

Open 5 Group 5
6 M20-S, M65+ F18-, F20-S, F21S, F45+, F55+, F65+ Open 6 Group 6
7 M18-, M21S, M45+, M55+ F20-, F21, F35+    
8 M20-, M21, M35+      

 Course Descriptions

If you are planning on signing up for an open class or are considering competing in an older or younger age class the following table contains information about each course to help you decide what class to register in.



Technical Difficulty
(TD Level - description)

 Middle RWT*
Long RWT*
Approx. Length
Approx. Length
1 1 - Beginner 20-25 30-35 TBA TBA
2 2 - Easy intermediate 20-25 30-35 TBA TBA
3 3 - Hard intermediate 20-25 30-35 TBA TBA
4 3- Hard Intermediate 25-30 50-55 TBA TBA
5 4 - Advanced, less physical 30-35 45-50 TBA TBA
6 5 - Advanced 30-35 50-55 TBA TBA
7 5 - Advanced 30-35 60-70 TBA TBA
8 5 - Advanced 30-35 80-90 TBA TBA

*RWT = Recommended Winning Times

Course assignment, technical difficulty and recommended winning times are as per Orienteering Canada's Course and Class Guidelines, February 2018.
Courses will be designed so that the fastest person on the course completes in roughly that amount of time. The approximate lengths shown above are what the resulting courses will likely be, based on how navigationally and physically challenging the terrain is.


Start Lists

Start lists for the Long Event will be posted here Saturday late night.