2017 Volunteers

Organizing Team

Thank you everyone.

Canada 150 Orienteering Festival Festival Coordinator Anne Teutsch
Online Registration Kumiko Murasugi, Linda Connell
Website Lorna Guttormson, Jeff Teutsch
Translation Lise Plouffe-Hunter, Leonid Fichman
Finances Karen Tippett
Eastern Canadian Orienteering Championships, Montreal Meet Director Dmitri Golovanov
Course Setter Bruce Glen
Controller Randy Kemp, Stefan Bergström
Registrar Nadine Cybulski
Ottawa O-Fest Rivermead Golf Course Night-O Gord Hunter, Nevin French
1968 COC Rerun, Gatineau Park Gord Hunter, Bert Waslander, Bill Meldrum
Back to The Barrens Francis Kawam
Canadian Orienteering Championships Meet Director Anne Teutsch
Technical Director Stefan Bergström
IOF Event Adviser Jim Blanchard, Adrian Zissos
Mapping and Owner Permissions Bill Anderson
Course Setter - sprint Jeff Teutsch
Course Setter - middle Andrew Cornett
Course Setter - long Mark Gibbard
Controller - sprint Stefan Bergstrom
Controller - middle Richard Guttormson
Controller - long Bruce Brenot
Start Chief Karen Tippett
Timing and Results Eric Teutsch, Rob Haddow
SI Management Steve Buchko
Arena Mike Raz, Peter Williamson
Food Karen Rowlandson, Errol Thomson, Marketa Graham
KidZone Thomas Lindale, Evan Gibbard
Equipment Paul Lefebvre, Oliver Bengtsson
Awards Luise Sander
Volunteers  Lorna Guttormson
Parking and Buses Andy Ledger
Sass Peepre Junior Training Camp  Local Liaison Anna Fichman
Orienteering Canada 50th Anniversary Conference Planning and Scheduling Tracy Bradley


As most orienteers know (from personal experience) it takes a great many volunteers to put on a great event.  In advance, thank you to all the volunteers at the Canada 150 Orienteering Festival!   

If you are willing to help on race day or in advance please send an e-mail to us:

For Eastern Canadian Orienteering Championships: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

For Ottawa O-Fest and the Canadian Orienteering Championships: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We would LOVE to hear from you!  Thank you!!

You could also look at our volunteer signup sheet at http://signup.com/go/6dZTPb and choose your time and your task.