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Important Updates

  • Trail Etiquette

    26 May 2015
    A message to all orienteers, After last Sunday's meet at Britannia Park / Mud Lake, we received a couple strongly worded emails from bird watchers at Mud Lake regarding the behaviour of a small numbe...
  • Pierre Brassard, Ginette Cormier

    17 May 2015
    Pierre Brassard, Ginette Cormier It is with deep sadness that we are informing you of the sudden death of Pierre Brassard and his wife Ginette Cormier in a tragic accident. Pierre and Ginette were l...
  • Results of Mothers Day meet

    11 May 2015
    You can find the results of the meet at Mackenzie King now for the novice and intermediate courses.  The advanced courses will be posted soon so check back tomorrow.  To see the results go to the LGOC...
  • Ticks, ticks everywhere

    11 May 2015
    Ticks have now been reported in Gatineau Park We have a report of a tick getting a lift home from the Mackenzie King event in Gatineau Park.  They seem to like our area now.  They are not a health is...

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