North Americans and Quebec Championships

Photo by Stefan Bergström from the NAOC event

34 Club members travelled to Hanover, NH for the North American Championships and brought home 22 medals in the three events. Triple winners were Lukas Raz in the M12 and Emily Kemp in the W21. Other triple medal winners were Evan Raz, Evan Gibbard, Gord Hunter and Anne Teutsch. Full results can be seen at .

Emily, Robbie Graham, Laura Teutsch, Alex Bergström and Jeff Teutsch then ran for the Canadian elite relay teams to complete the weekend events where Canada took the Björn Kellström Cup but yielded the Future Champions Cup to USA.

At the Quebec Championships, held in Montreal, 29 club members brought home 20 medal from the single medal event - the long held at Morgan Arboretum. The courses were quite long - 23 controls for the M21 course but through open woods and a complex trail system.  Full results and many photos can be seen on the Ramblers website.