2016 AGM and year end social

 2016AGMfoodAll of the reports can be found in the members area by signing in (or first register) and going to the 'members' area of our website.  Links to the year's board minutes and the AGM can be found under 'For members' -> 'Governance'.

Your new board members are: 

  • President  : Steve Buchko,
  • Treasurer: Karen Tippett,
  • Secretary:Stephen Powell,
  • Local meets: Anita Bratland,
  • Members-at-large:
    • John Moffat,
    • Anne Teutsch who is meet director for COC2017
    • Kumiko Murasugi who is registration coordinator
    • Stefan Bergström mappping coordinator
    • Mike Raz.

Following the meeting, those attending the meeting, and many more, enjoyed good company and a fantastic spread of delicious food.

After dinner, the first Orienteering Ottawa Annual Awards were presented.  We were then treated to some photos of the upcoming COC2017 terrain and finally a presentation by Eric Kemp, Jeff Teutsch and Robbie Graham, members of the Ottawa Jukola team in Finland last July.  A good evening for all.