Rideau Canal Skate-O Winners

Anita Bratland and Evan Gautreau win the Skate-O Challenge!

Actually everyone (19 of you, many in pairs) submitted the correct answer – “N”. Sophie and Alexis completed it at night – in a snowstorm! CLICK HERE for a Facebook photo.

Jennie picked two names (randomly) for two prizes from the O-store. O-Canada buffs. https://www.o-store.ca/Product-High-Performance-Program-Buff_107.aspx

No one submitted a wrong answer so I guess it was too easy.wink  I am running out of new clue sites so next year the questions just might be a little more “cryptic”.

It was a good year on the canal but the number of open days was relatively short.  It was ready just in time for Winterlude and closed (probably for the season) yesterday.

Congratulations to all of you who participated.

Cheers, Bill A.