Final Summer Solstice - June 27

Following next Tuesday's Summer Solstice, June 27, we will be bringing in pizzas to enjoy while awaiting the results and then congratulating the series winners.  Let us know what kind of pizza you would like from the choices on our online selection.  There will also be a selection of pop and juice to purchase.  The order will go in Monday at 5pm so be sure to put in your request before that.  The pizzas will be from Gabriel's and will be $3 per slice.  Drinks will likely be $1.

This year's series has been planned by our newest meet directors, Paul Lefebvre, Philipe Turcanu and Evan Raz and Mary-Ellen Connelly will be finishing the series with her first meet.  Thanks to these four who have joined our team of meet directors.

The purpose of the handicap is to 'even the playing field'.  It was established quite some year's ago.  We plan to revisit this within the coming year.  If you have comments or suggestions on this, we welcome your input.  Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..