Four club awards were established to recognize Orienteering Ottawa members each year. The awards were named in memory of Brian Graham, Pat de St. Croix, Colin Kirk and Pierre Brassard, past members of the orienteering community, to celebrate their unique contributions to our sport. The formation of the awards was inspired in 2016 by a donation by CH2M (now Jacobs), a company where Brian Graham worked.

We'd like to hear from you! Is there a member of our club who you can always count on to lend a hand on Sunday mornings? Perhaps one of our youth members whose positive attitude you admire? Does anyone come to mind as "Captain Orienteering" to you?


 I wish to nominate the following orienteer(s) for the 2022 Orienteering Ottawa Club Awards:


Colin Kirk Memorial Award - Aspiring Junior of the Year

Nominees of this award must be 18 years old or younger during the nomination period. During the past year this individual will have:

  • Made considerable improvements in their performances and achievements.
  • Been a positive role model for other juniors.
  • Contributed to the improvement of other junior athletes.

Past recipients: Thomas Lindale, Evan Raz, Evan Gibbard, Lukas Raz, Hayden Smith, Lukas Raz


Pat de St Croix Memorial Award - Volunteer of the Year

During the past year this individual will have:

  • Contributed a significant amount of time to volunteer in local orienteering events in any capacity.
  • Made a significant impact to the Ottawa Orienteering Club or raised the profile of orienteering in the community, in other organizations or schools.
  • Shown a commitment to personal development, teamwork and supporting the development of others.
  • Demonstrated leadership in the club.

Past recipients: Rob Haddow, Anita Brattland, Lorna & Richard Guttormson, Karen Tippett, Rorry Harding, Kumiko Murasugi


Pierre Brassard Memorial Award - Orienteering Spirit

During the past year this recipient will have:

  • Shown a true spirit of orienteering.
  • Set him or herself high personal challenges.
  • Shown a welcoming spirit to newcomers in the sport.
  • Encouraged members to increase their participation, either competitively or by helping with the organizing of events.

Past recipients: Francis Kawam, Anne & Eric Teutsch, Linda Connell, Randy Kemp, Michael Raz, Andrew Cornett and Cathy Bakker


Brian Graham Memorial Award - Orienteer of the Year

The recipient of this award will have:

  • Been an orienteering role model and inspired others.
  • Exceptional orienteering performance and/or skills either over the course of the year or in a specific event.
  • Exhibited special qualities that set them apart from others, e.g. Dedication and perseverance.
  • Shown true sportsmanship.
  • Helped mentoring others to success.
  • Inspired other athletes to reach their goals.

Past recipients: Robert Graham, Emily Kemp, Stefan Bergström, Eric Kemp, Alex Bergström, Jeff Teutsch

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