COVID-19 Event Modifications

We are excited to be back orienteering, holding modified events this spring.  A number of modifications have been made to make every effort to be COVID-safe.  There are changes in the way our events are run, and changes in the requirements for participants.  Here you will find the changes.  For other information, please refer to our regular Spring Series page.


Executive Summary – All the “Musts”!


  1. Have signed the waiver in advance (once for the year) .  Each adult must sign this while signed in to their own account.  The event registration will not be available to you until you have signed the waiver.  The error msg you will receive in that case will be 'not authorized'.
  2. Register online in advance.
  3. Complete a Declaration of Health and bring a printed copy to the event  One copy for each participant including children - dated on the day of the event.  English   French
  4. Follow health authority guidelines as to whether it is okay for you to be at the event.
  5. Wear a mask on site and carry it with you on the course.
  6. Bring your own water and snacks.
  7. Be back and checked in with timing station by 2:00.


Event and Registration Modifications

Membership:  Only members will be permitted to register for events this fall.  If you are not a member, you can join the club online for only $20.  We encourage you to do so!  See our membership page.

Registration:  registration is online only, in advance.  Registration is open until 8 p.m., the previous (Saturday) night.  The link will be on the event page.   This link takes you to the Members Only portion of the club website.  You will need to be a member and will need to have an account.  To create an account, on the club website go to “Login” => “Create an account”. An email will be sent to you immediately after to validate your email.  Look for it in your SPAM if it is not in your inbox within 10 minutes.  Once you confirm your email it may take up to 24 hours for your account to be approved (webmaster will confirm membership before approving).  Don’t leave this to the last minute before the first event!

Start Windows: When you register you will select a 15 minute start window (between 10:00 and 11:45).  There will be a limit of 15 people per start window.  The expectation is that you arrive at the event site with enough time to check in and proceed to the start within your chosen start window.

On Site Check-In Procedure:  There will be three tents set up on site, with one table and volunteer at each.  Line-ups at each will be marked to allow for appropriate spacing.  Participants will go first to the Check-In tent to hand in their Declaration of Health and pick up rented compasses and Si timing sticks, then to the Map tent to pick up their map, then to the Timing tent to check in with their SI stick. From there you will proceed to start line. 

Maps: Maps will be pre-bagged, at least 24 hours in advance.  

Start Procedure: There will be a starter at the start line who will allow one start every half minute.  Two participants on the same course will be spaced at least one minute apart.  The line-up for the start will be marked to allow for appropriate spacing.  Masks can be removed only when the participant approaches the start punch.

Finish Procedure:  The finish control will be placed at least 30 metres from the timing tent.  This will give time for participants to catch their breath and put their mask on before approaching the download control.  Rented compasses and SI timing sticks will be dropped into a bin (and not touched by timing volunteers) at the timing tent.

Hanging Around:  Hanging around before or after you are out on course is discouraged. Please arrive for your start and leave when you are done (Sorry!!  We all miss the socialization!) Orienteering Ottawa will not provide water or snacks on site - bring your own!  Results will not be posted on the television screen on site – they will be posted online as soon as they are completed in the afternoon.  Maps will not be displayed on site for perusing in advance of the event.  

Health and Hygiene:  All volunteers on site will wear a mask.  Hand sanitizer will be available at each tent and the start.  Physical distancing will be practiced.

Participant Requirements

Guidelines: Follow guidelines from authorities; stay home if health authority guidelines deem it appropriate.  

Declaration of Health: bring a completed Declaration of Health EVERY TIME you come to an event. If must be completed and signed on the day of the event.

Masks:  All participants will be required to wear a mask at the event site (except for special medical considerations).  A mask is not required while out on course. However you will be required to carry it with you on course, as you will wear it right up to start time, and then have it on again before approaching the download station.

Participant Guidelines

Bring Your Own Supplies:  Bring your own water, snacks, bug spray, compass, whistle, SI stick (if you have one), mask.  Orienteering Ottawa will not be supplying snacks or water on site after the event.  There will be no water on course, so consider carrying your own water.  

Hygiene:  Do not touch the SI controls when punching them.  Remember all personal hygiene considerations about sneezing, coughing and spitting.  Consider carrying a small container of hand sanitizer with you on course.

Hanging Around – or Not!  Do not hang around on site before or after your event.  If you are waiting for family members, wait for them away from the finish area and maintain physical distancing from other people who may be around.

Physical Distancing on Course:  Stay at least 2 metres away from other participants when out on course.  Once you punch a control move away so others can approach.

Course Closure:  As always, courses close at 2:00 pm.  Be back by then, no exceptions!.  Check in at timing station whether or not you completed your course.  This is imperative so that we know you are back safely. 

Be Appreciative:  Remember to be appreciative of these opportunities to be outdoors, active and orienteering.  Be patient with officials, volunteers, other participants as we navigate our new reality.  Be forgiving, be kind, stay safe and say thank you to the volunteers who make orienteering of any sort possible for you.

Remember that health and safety is of paramount importance - being competitive is not!  Be sure that health and hygiene trump competitiveness!

To view the latest press release from the Ontario Government regarding changes to the Ottawa COVID by-laws   - see

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