Introduction to Orienteering

 Our Introduction to Orienteering workshop offers you the chance to get a good start on your orienteering adventures. It is offered on a weekday evening at the beginning of each spring or fall series, either in April or September.   We will try to offer it in French upon request.

The 60 - 90 minute workshop will show you the basics of how to decipher a topographic map and put it into context with the surrounding terrain. There will be a short explanation of the sport and then you will go on a hike with your instructor and the map to learn what all these symbols represent and how to interpret them as you move around.  Before the workshop, you can also visit our maps page and take a look at the legend. Dress in comfortable clothes for walking or running depending on the weather and hiking shoes or boots that can handle water or mud (although we try to avoid the puddles).

These clinics are finished for Spring 2023 but there may be clinics held again at the beginning of the fall season. If you missed out now, join us at our regular events and let the registrar know you are new to orienteering. You don't need to wait for a clinic, you can learn by starting on a Novice course and talking to others to pick up tips.

Can't make the dates offered?

At 10:30 each event day there will be a mini-clinic for those who are new to orienteering or need a refresher.  We ask that you arrive early enough to have registered and have a map in hand at the clinic.  There is no charge for this 15 minute clinic.