Year-Round Events

We hold our yearly events in time with the seasons. All of the seasonal series are open to all, members and day visitors.  

              Spring Series - April - June events are held on Sunday mornings and are typically point to point events (following a set course)

              Summer Solstice Series- is held on Tuesday evenings in June and events are of score-o format so that everyone is back at the same time, can compare notes and controls can be collected before dark.

              Summer Series - July - August is a busy time for major events such as the Canadian and World Championships when many of our stronger athletes are busy but we do try to get in four or so evening events during the summer.  These tend to be park events, with finish time early so controls can be collected before deep dark.

               Fall Series - we are back to Sunday mornings with point to point courses.

               Winter Series - again Sunday mornings - when the snow conditions are suitable.  Some may have snowshoe options, all have cross country ski point to point courses.

              On Your Own - any time of the year members can take in an unscheduled walk or run with family or friends.  The MapRun events are open to members only. 

Each of the above series pages will, in the series season, show all the current year events and results as soon as they are scheduled.