On Your Own


For those who wish to get into the woods on their own or with family or friends in an unstructured manner we have two options for you:



Using map, compass and your cell phone, challenge yourself to find virtual controls.  Courses are designed and then uploaded to an app (MapRunF) on your phone.  You print the map and head out to find these 'virtual' controls.  Your cell phone will let you know if you have found the correct spot.  

The MapRun locations are seen on the map to the right.


Map Walk

We have a permanent course set in the woods between Kanata Highlands Public School and the Richcraft Recreation Complex.  You will download the map and detailed instructions for walking the course.  As well as giving you a walk in some very nice woods, this will give you a chance to experience an orienteering course with a virtual instructor at your side.

The location of the Map Walk is also on the map - just above 'KANATA'.


We cannot offer these to the general public.  Due to COVID we can only show them to club members.  We invite you to join, create an account on the website, sign a club waiver and then you will be able to get detailed information on these in the 'For Members' section of the website.