Canoe/Kayak Orienteering Comes to Ottawa

In the Ottawa area we see people orienteering on foot, on bikes, on horseback and cross country skis but so far not in canoes and kayaks. But that is about to change and you can be part of the change.

Petrie Island is a marvelous place to kayak with its multiple islands and bays, beaches and marsh areas. It is also a great place to try out our map reading abilities and a great place for both the novice and kayakers/ canoeists of all levels of experience. The water is calm and mostly shallow.

The  Suncoast Orienteering and Adventure Racing Club of Florida is going to have a test orienteering event on Saturday, Sept 14 and you are welcome to be part of it. This is a test event (before running such an event on the Golf of Mexico) and all are welcome to participate. The same safety requirements for any canoe/ kayak outing apply for orienteering (pdfs, whistle,bailer and throw rope). You can do your navigation on your own or as part of a group.  Some 20 special markers will be placed around the islands. Test yourself to find as many as you can in your time limit Score Orienteering Style.

Sign up in advance so we can have a marked orienteering map in a sealed waterproof bag ready for you. Sign-up sheet is here: Petrie Islands Canoe / Kayak Orienteering Sept 14 2019.

Entry deadline is Thursday, Sept 12th. You may amend your entry up to that time.
Meet and launch any time between 9:30 am and noon at the small dock on the west side of the Petrie Island parking lot.

Fee? A $10 fee for one person craft, $15 for two persons ($5 additional for each extra person if anyone brings a dragon boat or voyageur canoe, etc). Also a whopping great $2 parking fee for 5 hours payable at a City of Ottawa parking machine.) Paddle boards, pedal boats and rowing boats also welcome but larger craft will likely have difficulty navigating some of the channels.

Two hour time limit suggested but be back by 2 pm at the latest as that is when the temporary markers will be collected. Picnic with your new orienteering friends and discuss your route choices at the park once you have finished and stored your gear away.  

Gord Hunter

Suncoast Orienteering and Adventure Racing Club (SOAR)