2018 AGM and year-end social

The new Board of Directors elected Sunday at the AGM are:

  • President  - Jennie Anderson
  • Treasurer - Karen Tippett
  • Secretary - Marketa Graham
  • Local Meets - Anne Teutsch
  • Members-at-large 
    • Stefan Bergström
    • Steve Buchko
    • Michael Raz  
    • Cherie Revells
    • Lisa Routier

Randy Kemp, Robbie Graham, Alex Bergstrom. Following the meeting, we enjoyed a delicious pot-luck dinner  while watching a slide show of Orienteering Ottawa over the past 50 years as compiled by Bruce Brenot showing our many members past and present. 

After dinner Eric Teutsch gave us a sneak-preview of the high-tech registration system that we will be treated to soon. Jeff Teutsch then presented the plans for the 2019 programs with video of the forest being mapped for the 2019 O-Fest events.

Awards time found Randy Kemp presenting the Rogaine trophy to team Potat-O, winners of the 6-hour event - Robbie Graham and Alex Bergstrom. Marketa Graham, with Rob Haddow, Anita Brattland and Jennie Anderson then presented the 2018 club awards to Stefan Bergstrom, Linda Connell, Lorna and Richard Guttormson, and Evan Gibbard (although Evan is currently away at University)

Stefan, Linda, Lorna, Richard, Robbie, Alex