Rogaine maps and 2019 King and Queen of the GATs 

The 2019 King and Queen of the GATs have now been calculated after a successful Bike-O attracting 29 crazy participants in the wind and rain. Calculations were based on those competing in the 6h Rogaine and the Long Event in the Bike-O. (lowest combined placement points win)
The Queen of the GATs is Molly Kemp placing 3rd in the Bike-O and 4th on the Rogaine team of 'The Armadillos'. 3+4=7
The King of the GATs is Eric Kemp placing 4th in the Bike-O and 2nd on the Rogaine team 'The Sway'. 4+2=6

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6 hr map and courses - link 

3 hr map and courses - link

2 hr Chelsea Nordiq map and courses - link - we would love to see how you youngsters ran the course so fast -  let us see where you feel you ran with the manual entry

2 hr race - map and courses  - link - How did you match up with those speedy young skiers?

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