Update:  GPS Orienteering and Waiver

Orienteering Canada (who is responsible for Canadian Championships, competition rules, and administrative things like insurance) has been working diligently to ensure we're kept up to date on all matters relating to our sport and COVID-19. 
This week, they made available a new waiver. As of today, June 26th, 2020, all users of MapRun will have to sign this new Orienteering Canada waiver. To ensure this is done, the webpage containing the list of maps and courses for download for the app has been moved. You can now go to the waiver, complete it, and you will be directed to the new maps/courses webpage. Remember, you need to have a member's login to access the MapRun app. A portion of the waiver is for parent or guardian to e-sign for minors (under 18), and another portion is for adult participants.  If you are new to MapRun, read the Maprun Introduction for full information.
I'd like to take this opportunity to give a huge thanks to club-mates Mike Raz, who got us up and running with MapRun and who continues to make new courses available, and to Lorna Guttormson, for doing (and continuously updating!) the website work. Thanks as well to those who have been field-checking virtual control locations, vetting courses and testing!
Here are the maps that are available for you to check out:
Andrew Haydon Park (3 courses)
Bilberry Creek (3 courses)
Burnt Lands PP (2 courses)
Constance Bay (6 courses)
March Highlands (5 courses)
McCarthy Woods (3 courses)
Pinecrest Park (Sprints - 3 courses)
Sportsplex (6 courses)
Stoney Swamp (novice only)
We also have courses in progress at the following locations, amongst others,
Parc Moussette


Kind regards,
Jennie Anderson
Orienteering Ottawa President