Sunday morning orienteering is back

Good news!  Sunday morning orienteering is back in Ottawa!   We will be hosting a COVID-modified 2020 Fall Series of events.
The first event is on Sunday September 13.  Information specific to that event will be sent out separately.  This news item will give you the most important information you need about our modified events.  You can find a complete rundown of modifications, requirements and guidelines for our COVID-modified events on the Orienteering Ottawa website Event Modifications for COVID page.

  • follow health authority guidelines as to whether it is okay for you to be at the event
  • register online in advance (you must be a member and have a personal login on
  • complete a Declaration of Health and bring a printed copy to the event
  • wear a mask on site and carry it with you on the course
  • maintain physical distancing, and limit time in start/finish/check-in area before and after you run your course
  • bring your own water and snacks
  • be back and checked in at the SI download station by 2:00 pm.

Registration – you MUST register online, in advance for each Sunday event that you plan to attend.  The link will be included in the event notice that goes out each week.  Registration deadline will be midnight Saturday for the following day’s event.  Before you can register for an event you must be an Orienteering Ottawa club member – you can sign up for membership online (fee is only $20); and you must have a personal login account on the website – you can create this online, but be sure to allow up to 24 hours for approval of your login account, before you register for an event.

Starts -  When you register you will sign up for a 15 minute start window.  There will be a maximum of 15 people in each start window. The expectation is that you arrive at the event site with enough time to check in, and proceed to the start within your chosen start window.

Timing – yes, we will be using SPORTident timing!  Bring your SI finger stick./

Important Requirements for Participants

  • Declaration of Health - you must hand in a completed Declaration of Health at check-in at every event.  You must not come to the event if your answers on the Declaration of Health indicate that you should stay home.
  • Masks - you will be required to wear a mask on site at check-in and until you start out on your course.  You will be required to wear a mask after you finish your course, and have it on when you download.  This means you will need to carry your mask with you while out on course.
  • Water and Snacks - there will NOT be water or snacks provided by the club at the finish area. Bring you own!  There will NOT be water out on course.  If you want water on course, bring it with you!

Physical Distancing, Health and Hygiene – We will be taking a number of precautions to make our events COVID-safe.  Please read the Event Modifications for COVID  page on our website for details of modifications and precautions.

Social Hour -  While socializing and hanging around before and after the events is discouraged, if there is a volunteer to coordinate it we hope to offer a Zoom call in the afternoon to replace our normal socializing at the events.

Expectations – Bring extra patience to the event.  Organisers and volunteers are doing their best to make the event run smoothly as we all navigate our new reality.  Remember that health and safety is of paramount importance - being competitive is not!  Be sure that health and hygiene trump competitiveness!

We are all looking forward to orienteering again, with electronic timing and posted (online only) results.  Please help us all stay safe by following all the proper procedures.  Take care and see you in the forest!

Your friendly Orienteering Ottawa Local Meets Committee