What changes have we made this fall and Why

Important COVID changes

Our club's new COVID insurance policy requires that all participants on a course:

  • Be club members
  • Register online
  • Submit health declaration forms on the day of the event (dated for that day)
  • Follow local COVID protocols at the event (masks, social distancing, maximum 25 people)
  • Sign an online Orienteering Canada waiver (required only once each year)

Please do not include on your registration form people who are not members or who have not yet signed the waiver.

To keep to the 25-person maximum for outdoor gatherings we have had to reduce the number of volunteers and limit the number of participants in the check-in area by assigning 'check-in time' slots.

We ask that you try to keep within your time slot - do not approach the check-in desk more than 5 min. before your allotted time.  After you check-in, you can go back to your car if you want to prep for your race but please stay well away from the check-in area.  You can then go to the start when you are ready . .

We have been increasing the number of time slots and number of participants per time slot as we find our events filling up before the registration deadline. We know that no one likes to be left out and we don't like to turn folks away. However, we cannot risk being charged by by-law officials and we certainly don't want to put either our volunteers or our participants at risk by going over our limit. 

Please keep in mind that registration can be closed earlier than 8pm Saturday, especially if we are fortunate to have such great weather as we have had so far. 

Frequently asked Questions. 

1. I cannot register.  I get 'you are unauthorized...

  • If you have used a link to go directly to the registration page, you may need to:
    • Become a member.  Only members can be granted authorization to the 'For Members' section of our site.  See FAQs 9-10 on becoming a member
    • Create an account.  See FAQ 5.
    • Sign the waiver.  This is an authorization one step higher - for those who have signed the waiver for the year.  See FAQs 6-8.

2. I cannot find the event registration  (or the MapWalk, or the MapRun ).  

  • Until you sign the waiver these opportunities will not display for you.  (see FAQ2 6-8).

3.  I am trying to register for an event but no dates (or no times) are offered in the select lists

  • It is either too early to sign-in or too late - all slots are full.  When a time slot is full it will no longer display. Please note that if at any time by-laws change we may cancel events, change our procedures, or take whatever action we feel is needed. 

4.  We are asked to print off and bring a health form each week but I haven't access to a printer.

  • We do have copies available at check-in but that will slow down the line.  If possible, print off some extra copies when you do have access to a printer. After you have printed out a form put a large reminder on your O gear for Sunday morning as it has to be filled out on the day of the event. In Premier Ford's words 'Please help us out here'.

5.  I have created an account and don't know what happens next.

  • Once you create an account giving a user name, password, and email address the system will email you to ensure the email address is valid.  If it doesn't arrive in your inbox within a few minutes check your spam.  If it is not there you might have mistyped your email address and will have to start again.  Once you get an email follow directions to confirm your email.  You will then have to wait for our administrator to approve your request - ensuring first that you are a member.  This person is a volunteer so this could take a while.  Plan ahead.  If there is any problem there the administrator will contact you. Once your account is approved you will get an email to that effect and you can then log in and sign the waiver.

6. How do I sign the Orienteering Canada waiver?

  • Sign in to your account, click on ‘Club Waiver’ and complete the waiver.  

7.  My spouse has signed the Orienteering Canada waiver for me from his/her account. Is that valid?

  •  No, each adult must sign the waiver from their own account.  You cannot sign for your spouse or any other adult - including your offspring who are 19+ years old.

8.  ‘The waiver is good for the year'  What does that mean?

  • The waiver you signed is good for all our activities until our year end - March 30, 2021. 

9. How do I become a member?

• Read our membership information and then click on ‘Join Now’

10.  If I join now what if there are no events through the winter?

• Memberships purchased this late in our membership year are good for an additional year - therefore until March 2022.  There is an additional cost (see our event costs) for each event in which you participate. Once we get past COVID and can count on holding a full year of events, season passes will again be available.