Welcome to our many new members for 2020

We hope you have enjoyed your events so far! We hope to resume our clinics next year so you can improve your understanding of the sport.  Meanwhile we have a few suggestions for you to try: 

  • our MapWalk - an instructional walk in a forest in Kanata;
  • our MapRun - a virtual event where you use your cell phone to find a specific spot in the woods and count on your phone to tell you when you have succeeded. 

Here are some on-line orienteering sites:

  • Print off some documents shared at Introduction to Orienteering clinics when we can hold them:
  • Quiz on International Control Descriptions for Orienteering
  • Map Skills Test
  • Visit our Route Gadget page and watch the route choices others have made on courses you have run or that you wondered if you could tackle.  If you have a GPS watch or GPS track from your phone, add your route and compare or just examine.  If you haven't a GPS track you can draw your route - also a good test - Did you notice the features around you?
  • Try the game Catching Features online - you will have to download it.  There is a free version of it but - warning - you or your youngsters may get hooked and you might find you want to purchase it.  
  • Try this one - Map memory  - a standard memory quiz - you might want to change the options to as little as 8 pairs for starters.
  • Or for the skiers out there - Ski-o map memory