Membership is re-opened

As the COVID restrictions for Ottawa have scaled back to Orange we are able to re-open membership and allow more folks to our final event of the season.   If you would like to join, membership is $20 for an adult, $10 for youngsters.  Membership is valid to April 2022.  If you are joining now to take part in Sunday's event, you will need to act quickly:

  1. Get your membership  
  2. Create an account on this site  - top right  - click on 'login' then choose create an account on the dropdown
  3. Watch your email for a system email wanting to confirm your email address.  It should come immediately but may take a few hours.  Check your SPAM as well
  4. Confirm your email, then watch for another email saying your account is approved
  5. Login and click on menu item 'For Members'  - select Club Waiver and complete that - each adult must have his/her own account to sign his/her own waiver 
  6. Once the waiver is signed, the For Members/event registration menu item will become available.  You can then sign up.  All participants must be signed up on-line before 8pm Saturday. 

Finally, be sure to read how our events are being conducted to keep everyone  - participants and volunteers - safe.