Winter Events 2021 

We had hoped to have some ski and snowshoe orienteering events this winter, but for now, with restrictions and COVID being what they are we are having to step back.  Our current plan is to have some of our course setters set up some MapRunF activities for our club membership, until we can safely organize a Sunday event again. 

Mike Raz, our O Ottawa MapRunF guru, has the following message for all of us:

 We already have a number of MapRunF events available with many of them still usable on foot given the lack of snow so far.  When the snow builds, they will remain usable but likely with snowshoes or skis.  Included in many of the areas are Score-O variants so, even if you do not want to go off-trail, they still provide the opportunity to get out and enjoy a bit of navigation – and don’t forget that these are not intended to be competitive so don’t worry if you only do parts of a course.

In addition to the earlier courses, we have added (and will continue to add) some Trail Only courses – the most recent ones being on the Stony Swamp and Shirley’s Bay maps.  These provide the opportunity to get out on foot, snowshoes, skis or bikes (but check the notes on the MapRunF map pages for any comments about trail conditions for the various modes of transport and remember to take into consideration changing weather).  Although these are Trail Only (and please stay on the trails) they do offer some navigation challenges and route options, especially as snow coverage can have an impact on what you see versus what the map shows – so don’t get careless.

Don’t forget that MapRunF will also work running on later model Garmin GPS watches so you can just put your phone away and get the punches registered on your wrist.  Make sure you go through the instructions provided and test things before you go out.

Thanks Mike for your ongoing support of the whole MapRunF phenomenon!

To keep up with what is available using MapRunF log in to your account and check the Maprun Maps page on a regular basis.

Hoping everyone gets out and enjoys some low key orienteering on their own time this winter.  And hoping to get back together for a Sunday meet before the winter is out!

Please remember to always respect COVID restrictions, including the current stay-at-home messaging, and remember to be respectful of others with whom you are sharing the trails and forest. 

Stay safe, stay healthy.

O Ottawa Local Meets Committee