Orienteering Ottawa 2020 AGM and Social

The various committee members gave reports of a rather successful and busy year despite the pandemic. These reports can be viewed in the Members area under Governance but here are some of the highlights:

  • Randy's report on the NCC negotiations - a must read if you want to know why we are no longer Orienteering on many of our Gatineau maps.
  • New Board members - see the full board member list on our contacts page. More information coming for our new members.
  • Mapping - some new areas to be mapped soon and maps of some older areas have been updated
  • Incorporation - The club is now an incorporated not-for-profit entity.
  • Orienteering Ottawa is looking for a new rep, preferably french speaking to represent our club on the FQCO
    __ __ - Fédération québécoise de course d’orientation (formerly Orientering Quebec) board. Please let Jennie know if you are interested.

Here is the full list of reports:

President’s Report
Treasurer's Report
Staff Report
Membership Report & 2021 Membership Fees
Approval of 2021 Membership fees
Meets Report
Promotion & Publicity Committee Report
Gatineau Park Master Plan Committee Report
Training Committee Report
Mapping Committee Report
Fédération québécoise de course d’orientation
Orienteering Canada

Following the AGM the Club awards were presented - see these in a separate News item.

A new order will soon be put in for club clothing. The new clothing has been designed to go well with past clothing so you can outfit yourself fully or add to you club apparel. See o-store and get your order in by Feb. 21?

Then it became game time - you might try this one yourself at home - routechoicegame.com.  Jeff, with his train to train athletes ran a short competition of this and others.  The winner of route choice was Mr. Tortuga, followed closely by Evan Raz and Fred Bedard. . Then we had a Show and tell game to find Orienteering items.  The old timers led the pack here with Rich Guttormson winning with Stefan Bergstrom, Lorna Guttormson, Gloria Rankin and Tomas Graham all showing some artifacts from long ago - Okay - Tom isn't an old timer but he displayed a map from a meet before he was born - yes, one of Brian's. Next was the trivia contest and - Hey- where did Evan find all that esoteric information about Orienteering? It was a tight contest with WizEric (Kemp) coming through on the final question passing Jennie Anderson and Jeff Teutsch.  The one question only one person got was where the name ROGAINE comes from. You weren't there - sorry you'll have to do the research Evan did - no spoiler here.

Here are two more O sites you might want to look at to fill your 'locked up' hours.

Map Memory Game and an O-ski map memory game.