2022 Canadian Championships  

Well …. What a grand event.  After 3 years of waiting, 35 Ottawa club members ventured out west to earn over 90 medals in 6 championship events and participate in 2 barebone events. Forest, rock, meadows, elevation! with the mountains in the background gave us a fabulous mix of orienteering terrain for our 8 events. 

One of the highlights was certainly Eric Kemp sweeping the Canadians in the M 21E- category. From the wee fellow in the M 10- category to the man he is now … we are proud of you Eric and the entire supportive Kemp family who has contributed so much to our sport. As Eric said with the biggest smile ever that once he had won the sprint and the long, he thought, 'Could I make it a sweep like the few others who have done it in the past' so he pushed himself and won by seconds over 2nd place Danny Riley of FWOC and clubmate Robbie Graham.


 Special mention should also go to our many multiple medal winners:

Andrew Cornett M55+

Woodrow Connell M10-

The Smith family (Grayson M10-, Holly F12-, Hayden M16-)

Amanda F45+ and Saskia Edmunds-Boerschke F14-

Marketa F55+ and Robbie Graham M21E

Cherie F35+ and Dylan Revells M14-

Philipe Turcanu M21E

But the thing that impressed me the most was the feeling of community within our club. Sisters, brothers, parents, grandparents and friends all competing in the same event and cheering each other on; plus …. meeting long-time orienteering friends from across Canada and beyond.

 Thank you so much to all the organizers who had to negotiate delays, cancellations and the ever-changing rules. And also, a big thank you to all the participants who travelled great distances to join in on the fun and the excitement of the sport we all love … orienteering!