Membership Information

Our club, Orienteering Ottawa, is a non-profit organization entirely managed and financed through the volunteer participation of its members. We enjoy the activities of mapping and event organization and the camaraderie involved in running our club. Many of us enjoy traveling together to other parts of the province, country, and internationally to compete in events on different terrain.

Anyone can participate at our local events but members are entitled to a discount on the entry fees and to participate in our evening training programs. We invite you to become a member and share in the fun!

The membership year runs from April 1 until March 30 of the following year. Membership for new members, joining after August 1st will expire March 30 of 1 1/2 year later.

As a member of Orienteering Ottawa, you can participate at a reduced cost in all the local meets hosted by the Orienteering Ottawa.  Your membership also grants you membership in Orienteering Canada, Orienteering Ontario and Orientering Quebec (OQ). As an Orienteering Canada member, you will be eligible to participate in provincial, national, and international orienteering events. You will also be eligible to participate in programs and courses sponsored by our three parent organizations.

As a member of Orienteering Ottawa, you will be eligible to participate in a variety of orienteering activities, including:

  • a full complement of local meets throughout the year Spring, Summer Fall and Winter at reduced cost;
  • the exciting "Summer Solstice Series" of June weekday evening orienteering events at reduced cost;
  • member discounts for Ski-O and Snowshoe-O events in the winter months;
  • join in the Wednesday running fun where a wide variety of running activities will keep you fit and active;
  • access to a variety of skills training programs for orienteers of all skill levels;
  • opportunities to plan and host local orienteering meets for the club – we offer certification courses for course setters and meet directors that teach you everything you need to know ;
  • become part of a great group of people who share your love of the outdoors!
  • access to our MapRun courses throughout the National Capital region 

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 Additionally, members may purchase Season's Passes.  If you will be participating frequently this will save you money.  If you are in a hurry, this will save time at registration.  Get Full Season's Pass details.


Membership Costs:

Adult  $25
 Juniors  $10
Children free
An adult member of Orienteering Ottawa is any member who is 21 years of age or older as of December 31 of the membership year.

A junior member of Orienteering Ottawa is any person who is between the ages of 8 and 20 as of December 31 of the membership year.

A child is any child under 8 year of age as of December 31 of the membership year.  For insurance purposes we ask that you list them if they might be accompanying you.