2023-24 Waiver 

All members and participants of Orienteering Ottawa activities must sign this waiver once for the orienteering year 2023-24.   Age of majority is 18 and over for Ontario and Quebec.




(To be executed by Participants who are the Age of Majority and older)

WARNING: Please read carefully! By signing this document you will waive certain legal rights including the right to sue.


Please agree to step 1 of the adult waiver.

1. This is a binding legal agreement. Clarify any questions or concerns before signing. Prior to participating, an individual who is the age of majority or older and who wants to participate in orienteering and the activities, programs, classes and services provided by, and/or in the events sponsored or organized by Orienteering Canada, and its affiliated Provincial/Territorial Associations and/or Clubs which may include but is not limited to: competitions, events, rogaining, cross country ski events, mountain bike events, training, personal or strength training, dry land training, training using machines or weights, nutritional and dietary programs, orientational or instructional sessions or lessons, and aerobic and anaerobic conditioning programs (collectively the “Activities”) must acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this agreement. 


2. Orienteering Canada, and its affiliated Provincial/Territorial Associations and/or Clubs and their respective Directors, Officers, committee members, members, employees, coaches, volunteers, officials, participants, agents, sponsors, owners/operators of the facilities in which the Activities take place, and representatives (collectively the “Organization”) are not responsible for any injury, personal injury, damage, property damage, expense, loss of income or loss of any kind suffered by a Participant during, or as a result of, the Activities, caused in any manner whatsoever including, but not limited to, the negligence of the Organization.