Season's Pass

In past years we have offered a season's pass as you see below.  However, throughout COVID we have only offered passes season by season when we felt we could offer enough events.  We do have a pass offered for Fall 2021, available in the For Members section of the website. The information below, we hope to be able to renew in the coming year.

Orienteering Ottawa members can purchase a season pass for local events hosted by Orienteering Ottawa. The season pass lets you skip the registration line, and proceed immediately to the map station to sign in and pick up your map!     NOTE:   This pass is non-transferable, and is ONLY AVAILABLE to club Members. 

No cash needed at the event, and no need to bring anything extra with you to the meets. The registration system will know all the season pass holders - you just register yourself (it  will still ask you for your license plate number for safety reasons) and then proceed to the registrar/map table where you will receive a stamp on your hand to let the starter know you have registered. 

You can use your season pass at most of our local events including:

  • the Sunday and Saturday local meets in our Spring and Fall series
  • the Summer Solstice series
  • ski and snowshoe orienteering meets (but any trail fees are extra)
  • night orienteering meets
  • bicycle orienteering meets
  • special fun meets like Vampire-O

Orienteering Ottawa season passes do not cover:

  • entry fees for meets or programs of any type hosted by Loup Garou or other orienteering clubs
  • entry fees for any championship level meets hosted by Orienteering Ottawa, such as O-Fest, Provincial Championships, Canadian Championships, etc.
  • ROGAINE events
  • any additional trail fees that may be required to participate in an event (e.g. trail fees for some Ski-O meets)
  • any fees charged by other organisations that are co-hosting an orienteering event with Orienteering Ottawa
  • training and coaching programs offered by Orienteering Ottawa or other clubs
  • purchases of any equipment or food that may be on sale at the orienteering meets
  • compass and SI Stick rentals

The season pass is only available on-line and is only available to individuals who have bought a club membership for the year.   A season pass is non-transferable and lasts until March 30 of the following year.  To get the most value out of your purchase, buy yours early in the season!

The cost of a season pass is $90 (adults) , $60 (juniors) , no charge for children under 8.  July 1 the price changes to a 1/2 year pricing of $50, and $35.  December 1 the price goes back to full price but is good for the following year.

Purchase a season pass when you purchase your membership . If you already have a membership and would like to add a season pass, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.