Season's Pass

Orienteering Ottawa members can purchase a season pass for local events hosted by Orienteering Ottawa.   

NOTE:   This pass is non-transferable, and is ONLY AVAILABLE to club Members.  It is valid only to end of the calendar year.  Pass information for 2024 will be available in April 2024.

No cash needed at the event, and no need to bring anything extra with you to the meets. The registration system will know all the season pass holders - you just register yourself (it  will still ask you for your license plate number for safety reasons) and then proceed to the registrar/map table and the timing desk.

You can use your season pass at most of our local events including:

Orienteering Ottawa season pass does not cover:

The season pass is:

 To get the most value out of your purchase, buy yours early in the season!

The cost of a season pass is $110 (adults) , $70 (juniors) , no charge for children under 8.  NOTE: August 1 the price changes to a 1/2 year pricing.( $60, $40)