Pizza order was sent in at 11 this morning.  There are a few extras ordered but they are fast running out.  The Meat and Hawaian slices are all claimed.

We are ordering pizza for our get-together following SS#4 - Tuesday  June 26.  Bring a chair or blanket to sit on and enjoy your pizza while the final results are tallied for the series.  If you can't make it for the O event, join us for the social.  The pizza will be ordered for 7:45 pm.  Awards for the series will be presented at this time.

So that we have some idea of numbers please complete the form below to show us what you and your family might be eating.  You are not committed to this but, as a courtesy to others, do try to remember.   We mostly just want a ball park idea of how much to order so no one will go hungry. 

The pizzas will be from Domino's pizzas (in case you are wanting to know better what is being ordered) and will be $3 per slice.  There will also be pop and juice cans available for purchase.

Domino's does offer a gluten free crust although only on small pizzas.  If you would like the gluten free send me an email and maybe there will be a few of you who can agree on the topping and we will order one or more of them.  Domino's do mention that there can be no guarantee there will not be cross contamination from the other crusts made in the same kitchen.