The 4 hour race was also tight with the top six teams all collecting between 24 & 26 controls of the 40 CP’s on the map. Veteran’s team Fake Control! (Andrew Cornett / Mark Gibbard) was best overall with 1,441 total points with two minutes to spare. Team Mawdslahti (Jason Mawdsley / Patrik Lahti) won the Men’s title with 1,353 points and right behind was the top Co-Ed team the Montagnards (Phillippe Côté-Jacques / Caroline Bouchard) with 1,321 points. QC Running Moms (Jennifer O'Connell / Aurore Varela) won top Female Team honours with 927 points. Traffic was light around the remote flags north of the Fortune Parkway and west of the Gatineau Parkway with less than 20% of the teams venturing deep into the woods of Gatineau Park to collect some of the high point CP’s. Two thirds of the teams made it to the spectacular views at CP’s 71 & 57 and special congrats to the seven teams who made it to CP84, the best scenic view on the map!

(Have a look at Andrew and Mark's route - also marked in red)

There were 59 control points on the 8 hour map and the race for top spot was again between The Fellowship (Eric Kemp / Philippe Turcanu) and Rogaine Laurentides (Francis Falardeau / Benoit Turcotte). The Fellowship’s strategy was to head north and pick up all the high point CP’s on the north, west and south fringes of the map before heading to the top of Camp Fortune. Rogaine Laurentides initially climbed to the top of Camp Fortune Ski Hill sweeping up all the controls in the southern end of the map and then worked their way back up the western fringe. As the time ran out, The Fellowship was forced to skip ten CP’s within 2 km’s of the finish line. Rogaine Laurentides, having decided earlier to skip the seven CP’s along the northern section of the map, managed to sweep up all the remaining controls around Camp Fortune Lodge and finished with 13 minutes remaining. The Fellowship had collected 49 flags for a high score of 3,045 points and Rogaine Laurentides managed 2,923 points from 50 flags. The Connell Clan (James Connell / Carolyn Connell), the top Co-Ed team made up of two siblings, visited 46 control points and secured a high score of 2,668 points. Vampire’s Night with a Twist (Adrian Turcanu / Marlene Alt / Daniela Turcanu) took away top score for the veteran’s category with 1,968 points over 35 CP’s. Cueuilleuses de bleuets (Isabel Sigouin / Geneviève Sigouin) was the top female team collecting over half the controls for a total of 1,596 points.

(See the differences in route choice of the winners and the second place)

2014 Lonely Control

And the loneliest flag on the 4 & 8 hour courses goes to poor CP40 with only 10 visitors from both courses combined.

Full results

Randy Kemp, controller

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