Running with Purpose at the Rogaine

Most races I have competed in simply ask you to run from Point A to Point B as fast as you can. When running a marathon, that means it takes me nearly 4 hours to achieve my reward (Point B). That's a long time to go without any positive feedback. And what's the purpose of running from Point A to B in the first place anyway?

This past weekend I competed in an event that gave me more consistent positive feedback and a reason for running. This weekend the Ottawa Orienteering Club hosted a Rogaine Competition based out of Vorlage in Wakefield, QC. There was a 2hour and an 8 hour option. A Rogaine event involves being given an extremely detailed topographic map with a number of labelled checkpoints on it. Primarily using the map, but with a little help from a compass, racers are tasked with visiting as many checkpoints within the time limit as they can. Racers are responsible for choosing their own route and race strategy.

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