2014 Rogaine Report

No matter what race you entered … the 2 hour, 4 hour or 8 hour … Rogaine 2014 was tough!

In the 2 hour event, Alex Bergstrom arrived at the finish line at exactly two hours after visiting 24 of the 32 controls and collecting 1,066 total points, just 23 & 24 points ahead of the next 5 finishers. The Graham Crackers (Robbie Graham / Brian Graham) get the prize for best Men’s team and for most control points collected having visited 25 flags totaling 1,043 points. Top Co-Ed team goes to Toronto Rogaine (Deborah Lightman / Robbie Lightman) with 910 points and L’attitude (Cathy Bakker / Jennie Anderson) wins the best Female team category with 746 points. Loneliest flag on the 2 Hour map goes to CP53 with only three visitors.

(Have a look at Alex's route marked in red.)

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Winning routes from the 2014 ROGAINE

The following images show the routes taken by the winning teams for the 2014 ROGAINE. Clicking on an image will bring up a full size view.

2 hour event, 4 hour event8 hour event

Royal Oak Night and Day Orienteering Weekend – A Tale of Two Events

“Two of everything.” That turned out to be the theme of the Royal Oak Night and Day Orienteering Weekend. Two complete sets of courses with starts less than fifteen hours apart. We had two different light situations – one event in the dark of night, one event in daylight. Not that we wanted it we had two different weather situations – cold and wet at night; bright and just the right temperature the next day.

Fortunately we had one great venue for both events. The Royal Oak Pub welcomed orienteers to use their facilities thus providing indoor warmth for our registration and timing teams as well as a generous discount on our food orders and gift certificates for draw prizes.

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Emily Kemp takes 11th position in WOC middle distance

Congratulations Emily - 11th position in the World Orienteering Championships middle distance event.  Orienteering Ottawa is very proud of you!

Emily Kemp of Orienteering Ottawa has taken 11th position in the World Orienteering Championships in Italy.  This is the 3rd best any Canadian has ever achieved in any WOC event in the past.  She ran 4.96 km with a 230 m climb, punched 16 controls in 41:19 min - just 4 minutes, 16 seconds behind the winner over a (in this writer's opinion) a mind boggling map.  (Have a look)

Emily is a dedicated orienteer who moved to France some years ago to train with the French team, get a university degree, and work on her fluent french.  She is an achiever!  She may be home to take part in the North American Orienteering Championships in October when you can congratulate her personally.  Meanwhile, send her a note on Orienteering Canada's Team blogspot .